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쿠바.칠레 공작 금단서고

Jan 4, '61 - A memo titled Policy Decisions Required for Conduct of Strike Operations Against Government of Cuba concerning "Branch 4 of the Western Hemisphere Division"

was an internal task force created within the CIA in January 1960 to direct the Cuban project.
기획 본부 서 번구 국 4처( 쿠바 TF) 60 설립
처음 에는 20명으로 출발 나중엔 500명으로 확대
(휘하 통신, 선전, (준0군사 (공작) 분야 )

J.D. Esterline became task force director on January 18, 1960. Esterline reported on the project to the Deputy Director for Plans, Richard M. Bissell, although Bissell's principal aide, Tracy Barnes, who acted for Bissell about 50 percent of the time. Branch 4 began with a staff of 20 and grew by April 1961 to a staff of more than 500 with its own communications, propaganda, and military sections. Marine Corps Colonel Jack Hawkins was assigned to Branch 4 in September 1960, with direct responsibility for military training operations." The memo stated: The purpose of this memorandum is to outline the current status of our preparations for the conduct of amphibious/airborne and tactical air operations against the Government of Cuba and to set forth certain requirements for policy decisions which must be reached and implemented if these operations are to be carried out.

(Memorandum From the Chief of WH/4/PM, Central Intelligence Agency (Hawkins) 기획 본부 서반구 국 4처 준군사 과장 (staff?) To the Chief of WH/4 of the Directorate for Plans (Esterline) 기획본부 서반구 국 4처장 , Washington, January 4, 1961. Source: U.S., Department of State, Foreign Relations Of The United States,1961-1963, Volume X, Cuba, 1961-1962)

피그스 만 침공 지휘 체계 (Operation Zapata)

중앙정보장 (DCI)

중앙정보부장 (DDCI)

기획 담당 부국장(D/P)

심리.준군사 공작 담당 기획 부국장 보 (A/DDP/A)

기획 본부 서반구 국 국장 (C/WHD)

서반구 국 4처 (WH/4. 기획.집행 TF)

서반구 국 4처장 (Chief of WH/4 )

Esterline ( 피그스만 TF 지휘관)

4처 준군사 과장 ( Chief of WH/4/PM ParaMilitary Staff )-CEP 지휘관 연락 조정

항공작전 과장 (Chief of Air Operations )-과테말라 항공 훈련 기지 ,쿠바측 지휘관 미국측 고문

그외 선전, 통신 Staff

작전 팀

지휘모선 (COmmand ship)

대체 지휘모선


ZaPAta실패 후 Mongoose

At a meeting in the White House on November 3, 1961, President Kennedy authorized the development of a new program designed to undermine the Castro government in Cuba. The program was codenamed Operation Mongoose

Overall control of the operation was entrusted to a new group established for the purpose, called the Special Group (Augmented), a slightly expanded version of the NSC 5412 Special Group, which oversaw covert operations. The Special Group (Augmented) consisted of the regular Special Group members, McGeorge Bundy, U. Alexis Johnson, Roswell Gilpatric, John McCone, and General Lyman Lemnitzer, augmented by Robert Kennedy and General Maxwell Taylor. Although Secretary of State Rusk and Secretary of Defense McNamara were not regular members of the group, they occasionally attended meetings. President Kennedy appointed Taylor as chairman of the group, but Robert Kennedy was the principal motive force within the group and the informal link between the group and the President.

몽구스 작전은 특별 반( 보충) 에 의해 감독
해당 구성원은 특별 반/위원회 구성원(국가안보 보좌관, DCI,국무성 정무차관, 국방성 부장관,합참의장) 에 법무 장관, 대통령 군사고문(테일러 )가 추가
해당 대책반의 의장은 테일러가 담당

General Lansdale was appointed Chief of Operations and coordinated the CIA's Mongoose operations with those of the Departments of State and Defense. Within the CIA, the Mongoose operation was run by Task Force W, under the direction of William Harvey, with overall guidance from Lansdale and the Special Group (Augmented). The CIA developed an operational force of approximately 400 people at CIA headquarters and at its Miami Station, and had primary responsibility for the implementation of the Mongoose operation. (Ibid., page 140)
작전 책임자로 랜스데일 임명 (CIA 국방성 국무성 간의 조율)
CIA 내부서 해당 작전 운영할 TF W 창설 ( William Harvey가 책임자)

Phase Two: Late 1961 or Early 1962. Operation MONGOOSE under William Harvey begins. Harvey continues to work with Rosselli, while bringing in QJWIN with ZR/RIFLE on a separate course.

CIA, Genesis of Project FUBELT, September 16, 1970

These minutes record the first meeting between CIA director Helms and high agency officials on covert operations--codenamed "FUBELT"--against Allende. A special task force under the supervision of CIA deputy director of plans, Thomas Karamessines, is established, headed by veteran agent David Atlee Phillips. The memorandum notes that the CIA must prepare an action plan for National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger within 48 hours.

.DCI 칠레 상황 회의 소집

DDCI 중앙정보부국장 Cushmen
Ex DIR-Compt 운영사무국장-감사관 col.white
DDP 기획 담당 부국장 thomas karame.
ADDP기획 담당 부국장 보 Cord meyer
CHIEF , WH DIV 서반구 국장will .Bros
Deputy Chief WH DIV 서반구 국 부국장

2~3 WH DIV officials (Blacked)
chief , covert action , WH DIV 서반구 국 비밀공작(부?과? 단)장
CHIEF, WH/4 서반구 국 4처장

초한전 영문 판

http://www.findarticles.com/ 아티클 검색 유용

www.isn.ethz.ch/php/documents/collection_3/ cmd_texts/introduction.pdf
cold war genrals

소비이테ㅡ 군사및 지휘관 약력 수록 ustinov 전임 Andrei Grechko

http://www.othertimelines.com/ 대체역사 연대표

로비터 게이츠 회고록 발췌

he U.S. and its Responsibility for Counter-Insurgency Operations in Colombia

ELN and University Violence, 1965-1973


Skepticism of the clandestine operators was directed particularly at the

Covert Action Staff/International Organizations
Division, the CIA units which conducted the programs in the area of student and cultural exchange.




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